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September 2015 • Amber & Brittany
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Tilted Kilt Featured Girl Amber & Brittany

What are your Current Hobbies?
Brittany: I love any outdoor activities – snowboarding, wakeboarding, etc. I also love going to the gym.
Amber:  My hobbies include traveling, snowboarding, taking photos and having my pictures taken!

What is your Favorite Pub Menu Item?
Brittany: I love the Tilted Guilt. It’s gooey and fluffy… and what girl doesn’t love chocolate!
Amber: The house salad… we have the best Italian dressing!

What Does the Tilted Kilt Brand Represent to You?
Brittany: A fun, relaxing atmosphere where people can go to hang out, watch their favorite sports, eat good food and enjoy a nice cold beer!
Amber: The Tilted Kilt Brand represents welcoming, friendly girls; great food, great service and building a relationship with our guests.