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April 2015 • Miranda & Morgan
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Tilted Kilt Featured Girl Miranda & Morgan

What are your Current Hobbies?
Miranda:  I love to dance, mostly for fun. My favorite thing to do on a free day is to go hiking, because I love being outside in the fresh air. I also enjoy going to concerts and music festivals.
Morgan: I enjoy spending my time outdoors, doing things like camping, fishing, hunting and playing sports. I guess you could say I’m ‘one of the boys,’ when it comes down to it… but I clean up well!

What is your Favorite Pub Menu Item?
Miranda: The Chicken Tender Wrap! I love to add our Kilt Burner Sauce because I love a spicy kick. It’s the perfect combination.
Morgan: My favorite menu item is the shepards pie because it tastes like a home-cooked meal and it makes you feel at home which is perfect for the atmosphere at our pub!

What Does the Tilted Kilt Brand Represent to You?
Miranda: Tilted Kilt represents a team of amazing individuals who work hard to put a smile on everyone’s faces. It is a fun-loving Pub with cold beers, sports and beautiful, classy girls making sure you have the time of your life.
Morgan: The TK brand to me represents a sense of integrity and we keep it classy!