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July 2014 • Fallon
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Tilted Kilt Featured Girl Fallon

What are your Current Hobbies?
It’s difficult to sum up my current hobbies as there are numerous things I enjoy experiencing in life! The last few years, I have taken up hot yoga, pilates and turbo kickboxing. I am always out & about and really enjoy spending time at the beach with my dog, hiking, boating & dirt bike riding. :)

What is your Favorite Pub Menu Item?
What a tough question! I really love all our food. If I had to pick JUST ONE, I’d have to go with the Chicken Tender Wrap. I love spicy food and the wrap allows me to spice up the chicken tenders with our Kilt Burner sauce. It’s my fave! The wrap is super good paired with sweet potato fries. Can’t forget to end the meal with a Tilted Guilt!

What Does the Tilted Kilt Brand Represent to You?
The Tilted Kilt represents a happy, warm & friendly smile. A positive, playful, yet classy attitude. And most of all, someone you genuinely enjoy being around because they make you feel at home.