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March 2015 • Kayla & Erika
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Tilted Kilt Featured Girl Kayla & Erika

What are your Current Hobbies?
Kayla: Spending time with family and friends as well as traveling!
Erika: Spending time with my family, working and going to school. 

What is your Favorite Pub Menu Item?
Kayla: The Gaelic Chicken, it is the most amazing entrée we offer! It is also a great representation of our “tilted” blend of cultures. The Irish Whiskey Cream Sauce tops off the whole plate perfectly.
Erika: The sweet potato fries; they are delicious dipped in caramel or ranch!

What Does the Tilted Kilt Brand Represent to You?
Kayla: A healthy, positive, fun, diverse, family-oriented lifestyle. The girls are naturally beautiful, classy, confident and always outgoing and happy.
Erika: Tilted Kilt represents the diverse cultures that have been blended together to create a family that has been respected and recognized as the most entertaining sports pub ever!