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August 2015 • Mandy & Sabrina
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Tilted Kilt Featured Girl Mandy & Sabrina

What are your Current Hobbies?
Mandy: I enjoy cheerleading and working out.
Sabrina:  I love scuba diving!

What is your Favorite Pub Menu Item?
Mandy: I love the spinach chicken salad… I can’t pass up the variety of satisfying flavors this salad has to offer with it’s unique citrusy taste made fresh from the Tilted Kilt kitchen!
Sabrina: My favorite menu item is our ‘Kilt Burner Wings because they are not too spicy… they are the perfect amount of deliciousness!

What Does the Tilted Kilt Brand Represent to You?
Mandy: I believe we represent a family altogether. From building friendships with co-workers to friendships with  guests… we accomplish what no other sports bar has to offer!
Sabrina: The Tilted Kilt Brand represents beautiful girls, great food and a fun night out.